Amazing turnout with my case thanks to Shirin, she did an amazing job with my court case something that I thought would never happen anytime soon. Being disqualified from driving until the year 2028 she got my HTO and disqualification lifted I am absolutely over the moon and for ever thankful to her for this. She handled this case so professionally I can say I have learnt my lesson and won't be making these mistakes again. Thanks Shirin" - Moein, NSW
"Shirin was able to achieve an excellent result in our district court appeal for a serious speeding offence. The Section 10 outcome was better than we anticipated, and was only possible through Shirin's thorough preparation, complete understanding of the matter, and professional presentation to the Magistrate. I would highly recommend anyone with a serious legal matter to speak to Shirin." - Vafa, Sydney
"Shirin, it ends well, it means you saved my life, my career and my family. Thank you' - Zara, Victoria
"Shirin, you are my first solicitor, and I think you are an extremely talented woman. You obviously knew exactly what to do and the results speak for themselves. Not only that, but I felt you provided so much emotional support" - Emma, NSW
"I have used Shirin from Azadi Lawyer and I would use her again and again if I need to and suggest for all my friends and family to use her again. She is up front and to the point. Thanks to her I got the outcome that I wanted. THE BEST LAWYER" - Sam
"Ask for Shirin, she's brilliant! She addressed my matter with the utmost professionalism and care. I couldn't be happier with the attention she gave to me and, obviously, the results she accomplished on my behalf" - Marc, Sydney